Ancient Fighting Arts

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts


Tai Chi Chuan - an art for a life time of practice

Art takes a lot of time and the right mind to truly appreciate and enjoy. Many things we do in our everyday lives and careers can be considered very complex and beautiful forms of art. Whether it is martial arts, music, writing, painting, engineering, speaking a language, healing and helping people, playing sports, playing chess, or whatever we concentrate on and dedicate ourselves to, the development and true feeling of the breadth of each art-form can only be felt when practiced diligently, with discipline, with humility, and with the right intentions. - Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

Complete Tai Chi Chuan Curriculum

It is up to the individual student if they want to pursue all the different aspects of Tai Chi Chuan offered in this curriculum. Students who practice Tai Chi Chuan only for health may not want or need to learn all these different aspects.

  1. Qi Gong Exercises 
  2. Tai Chi Form - Yang Style 64 
  3. Push Hand Drills - Yin/Yang Circle training, Centering, Free style push hands
  4. Tai Chi Chin Na (joint locks)
  5. Tai Chi Staff Form
  6. Tai Chi Saber
  7. Tai Chi Sword
  8. Tai Chi Two Person Fighting Set

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