Ancient Fighting Arts

Kung Fu

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is known for its street combat effectiveness.  If you are looking for a down-to-earth, sensible approach to real-life fighting and self defense then Wing Chun is the answer.

The basic philosophies of the Wing Chun fighting system include centerline theory and straight line attacks. You learn the concept of economy of motion and how this will quicken and focus your attacks. You will use every part of your body as a weapon and as a blocking instrument. Wing Chun does not require learning dozens of forms.  There are only three empty-hand forms, two weapons foms and one wooden dummy form. The simplicity of the system makes it an ideal martial art for defense.

We drill "sticky-hands"(Chi-Sau) practice. This special type of practice drills you on very close-range fighting.  This type of exercise is very fast and helps develop sensitivity, speed of attack, and quick reaction time. This leads to "sticky-legs" exercise and eventually leads to blindfolded Chi-Sau. All these exercises try to get as close to real fighting as possible, thereby making you an effective fighter in the streets.

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Chin Na

"Chin" in Chinese means "to seize or catch", and "Na" means "to hold and control". Chin Na can be translated as "seize and control", a valuable skill for short-range fighting. The main elements of Chin Na involve grappling, but pressure on key body areas and striking are also embraced. We focus on more the fundamental grabbing aspects of Chin Na, but as you gain skill the advanced pressing and striking techniques can be explored. Basic Chin Na controls and locks your opponent's joints or muscles/tendons providing an excellent defensive fighting tool.

Northern Shaolin

This traditional discipline emphasizes deep, long stances and flowing movements. It also teaches and develops long and medium range fighting.

Tong Bei Chuan

Tong Bei Chuan is a Taoist boxing system from China. Its literal translation is "arm through the back boxing". It is also known as Bai Yuan Tong Bei Chuan, "white ape through back boxing". Tong Bei is covered to a modest degree in-group classes, but it is such a unique approach to fighting that grasping it requires a more one-on-one approach. Ancient Fighting Arts private students have the opportunity to see far more of this than those in the general class.